Essex Welfare Service

Essex County Council has set up a new service to help vulnerable people in our community who are staying at home and in need of support during the coronavirus period. The Essex Welfare Service is for people who are unable to access the support they need at this time.

Essex Welfare Service is specifically for those people who are not able to get any support from either family or friends or from their local district area support groups.

Essex Welfare Service is not an alternative to existing services which may be overwhelmed with extra demand resulting from the effects of Government’s stay at home advice.

On-line support

On-line support is available by clicking the following link using your mobile phone, tablet or personal computer below –

Visit Essex Welfare Services

(please note that the new service is being provided through the Essex Lifestyle Service website).

Phone support

Phone support is available by calling:

0300 303 9988

The Essex Coronavirus Action Facebook Group

The Essex Coronavirus Action group on Facebook has been setup to provide the latest advice & information, and to support volunteering –
Visit the group